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Interviews and News

Robótica Round Table on Technological Innovation

Opinion (in Portuguese). In: Robótica, 131, pp. 61-62. 2nd semester 2023. ISSN 0874-9019.

Revista Shifter Interview conducted by João Gabriel Ribeiro (in Portuguese). Entre a literatura e a computação: uma entrevista sobre Literatura ElectrónicaBetween literature and computing: an interview about Electronic Literature

Em parceria com In partnership with Goethe-Institut Portugal within the cycle “AUTOMAT: Literatura e Inteligência Artificial”. In: Shifter magazine, 10 October 2022

Post-Digital David Ciccoricco and Joseph Tabbi (introduction). Complicity and Resistance: A Critical Mass Interview

Marie-Laure Ryan, Jessica Pressman, Mark C. Marino, Rui Torres, Scott Rettberg, Serge Bouchardon, Stuart Moulthrop, Matthew Kirschenbaum (Responders). In: Post-Digital. Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review, 20-02-2020. Ed. Joseph Tabbi. London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2020. ISBN 9781474292504.

Corpo, Espaço, Matéria Bruno Ministro. Transcrip(ac)tion in-complete and (a)noted

The plasticity of sound in the art of places. With Hugo Oliveira (Guest speaker), Rui Torres (Guest commentator), Rute Rosas (Commentator) and Sofia Ponte, 19 November 2018. In: Body, Space, Matter, ed. Rute Rosas & Sofia Ponte. Porto: Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade (i2ADS), Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP). ISBN 978-989-54703-6-5. pp. 48-53.

Haline Maia. Digital Literature

Interview published on SoundCloud in two parts (in Portuguese). In: 37th Literary week. Literature: The time of Imagination, 17 to 22 September 2018, Curitiba. Org. Serviço Social do Comércio - Sesc, Departamento Regional Paraná. (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

Público Luís Miguel Queirós. Electronic literature: from the baroque to the future

Reportagem sobre conferência ELO'17 (in Portuguese). In: Público, 21 July 2017.

Hyperrhiz Bruno Ministro. An Interview with Sandy Baldwin and Rui Torres, CELL

Video Interview (24 July 2015, Coimbra). In: Hyperrhiz, n. 17, 2017. doi:10.20415/hyp/017.r01

Hipoglote Hipoglote. Coimbra University Radio. RUMOR BRANCO + MISOMUSIC + TELEPOESIS [Rui TORRES & Luís ALY]

HIPOGLOTE at RUC, a RADIOphonic program by Tiago Schwäbl with Nuno Miguel Neves. In: 47.º HIPOGLOTE, Recorded 27 June 2017; Aired 28 May 2017

O Arranca Corações Júlio Mendes Rodrigo (Saint Julian). In Conversation with Rui Torres

O Arranca Corações # 131 (in Portuguese). In: Rádio NFM, 5 April 2015

Electronic Literature Review Daniele Giampà. Interview with Rui Torres

Interview (in Portuguese). In: Electronic Literature Review, 7 junho 2013

Rumor Branco Sound design: Luís Aly; Voiceover: Nuno M Cardoso; Texts and musical selection: Rui Torres. Rumor Branco

Radio program about sound poetry, lasting 15 minutes, broadcast on Mondays at 9:12 pm (21:12). In: Rádio Manobras, 29 October 2012 to 11 February 2013.

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